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Digital Analytics Product Owner
20000-25000元 应届毕业生 本科
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Area: China Digital HubJob family: Digital AnalyticsGSMS Grade: M4Number of Personnel Managed: ≥ 0Cost Center/Budget and/or Revenue Responsibility: tbdDepartment: China Digital HubDirect Reporting Line: Senior Manager Digital AnalyticsIndirect/secondary reporting line: N/ASubsidiary/country: ChinaLocation: ShanghaiI. General PurposeAs a Digital Analytics Product Owner at China Digital Hub, you are accountable for delivering analytics products and services to adidas digital channels including but not limited to: Ecom, CRM, digital brand activation, and senior management team. You need to drive stakeholders on the value and use of analytics products and services to define goals, monitor performance KPIs, reveal business insights, optimize consumer experience, and ultimately serves business strategy and target.II. Key Responsibilities 1. Digital Analytics• Initiate and deliver analytics products/solutions/services to track business growth, optimize operation process, and resolve business pain points.• Support China Market teams with analytics capabilities, tools, and expertise to increase data visibility, identify performance drivers, and analyse business issues.• Work with internal team and 3rd party vendors to develop analytics products in the forms of dashboard, report, insight, etc.• Design product roadmap and demonstrate business value. • Follow latest market solution trends and technological advances, reflect on product evolution, and inform local business teams and digital analytics community.• Design product functionalities, UI and communicate with data engineers and frontend developers.2. Business Performance Analytics• Design, specify and produce complete KPI matrix and dashboard/report to monitor adidas digital channel performance (online traffic, revenue, operation, membership, media activation, etc.).• Track market and competitor trend based on data from 3rd party data providers, generate insights and guidance to local business team.• Support local and global analytics team with data and consulting service.3. Data Integration• Clearly understand local and global data landscape and system blueprint.• Work with solution architecture and IT to design appropriate data integration and consolidation plan from multiple sources (traffic, order, inventory, behavior, media, competitor, etc.).• Implement data quality and governance process to guarantee data accuracy and consistency.• Automation data collection process to optimize operation process.4. Stakeholder and Partner Management• Build a strong stakeholder network with market connectors with high level of trust that facilitates action-ability of insights.• Manage expectation and demand from business stakeholders, deliver results with commitment and actionable timeline.• Guide project team members with clear direction and targets that are aligned with business needs and China Hub objectives.• Closely collaborate with local and global counter-partner teams (BI, IT, analytics, etc.). III. Key Relationships:  CDH Digital Analytics Team  CDH Digital Product Team China Local Analytics Team China Local eCommerce team China Local CRM team China Local Digital Brand Activation team China Local IT team Global Digital teams IV. Requirements Education
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